Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Which Couples Are Still Together?

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She is best recognized for her roles in VH1’s “Hit the Floor,” “The Baxters,” “White Boy Rick,” and the Oscar-winning movie “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” Now let’s take a glance at the real-life partners of present solid members of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The actress married director Pete Chatmon in May 2019 after meeting him on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. She gave delivery to their first baby, daughter Indigo, in October 2021. The actress wed musician Rob Giles in June 2009, and their daughters, Eliza, Pippa and Lucky, arrived in July 2012, November 2016 and December 2019, respectively.

So when baby Zola needed a house, it was the obvious move for them to adopt her. Derek was still married when he hooked up with Meredith, no-one noticed it coming! She began relationship Finn, the vet who helped treat Doc, the dog that Meredith and Derek adopted. So, Meredith went off on an journey and she or he found herself another random one evening stand…

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On season 17, Meredith received COVID and would slip in and out of consciousness. While unconscious, she’d see visions of loved ones who had died, including Derek. At the beginning of season eight, social companies learned that Meredith misplaced her job for tampering with Derek’s Alzheimer’s clinical trial and removed Zola from their custody.

The resident is even willing to go to jail to guard her, and they’d solely been dating for a quick while at that time. Despite breaking up, Meredith and DeLuca are nonetheless there for each other and clearly share plenty of love. Sadly, their romance is not meant to be when DeLuca is fatally stabbed; however, they do share one last moment on the purgatory seashore the place they discover closure for their short-lived relationship.

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The couple already had two youngsters together – Zola and Bailey – and have been excited to welcome their third baby. However, tragedy struck when Derek handed away before the infant was born. Meredith gave start to their daughter, who they named Ellis after Derek’s mother, in a later episode.

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