The Truth About Beer and Your Belly

Alcohol does contain calories, which, yes, can cause weight gain. It is also the metabolic priority that your body places on alcohol that causes the damage. Eliminating alcohol is not necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is perfectly fine to enjoy a glass of red wine with a meal, for example.

Because beer and alcohol can contribute to a beer belly, restrict your intake of both. Cut back to an occasional beer, shot of liquor or mixed cocktail. That will help you reduce how many calories you consume, which can translate to weight loss and the elimination of your beer belly. Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise as additional ways to help you loose your belly.

Alcohol can contribute to excess belly fat

Ten whiskeys will be less than 1,000 calories, whereas the equivalent in piña coladas may be three times that amount due to all the sugar and coconut milk mixed in. Make margaritas with real lime juice, use sugar-free tonic water, or even naturally calorie-free club soda instead of regular tonic water and other high-calorie carbonated drinks. (These healthy summer cocktails will satisfy your craving while minimizing your sugar consumption.

She has a background in primary care, clinical nutrition, and nutrition education. Some of the sweetness comes from fruit juice, but the majority comes from added sugars in syrups and nectars. Alcohol has also been shown to lower inhibitions and stimulate appetite7, which can make it harder to stick to your weight-loss diet. Carbonated beer is often paired with pizza or deep-fried wings.

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A typical martini contains 210 calories and a piña colada could exceed 300 calories. That glass of wine with dinner can sabotage your weight loss efforts. But, this doesn’t mean women can’t accumulate fat around their bellies. The obvious reasons for fat around the belly are consuming too many calories throughout the day and not burning them off through exercise.

Alcohol can throw a wrench into your endocrine system, too. For example, Simon says that alcohol can affect levels of reproductive hormones like testosterone does alcohol make you gain weight and estrogen. They usually contain added sugar, which ramps up the calories. Drinking alcohol can also lead you to make poor food choices.

What is an alcohol belly?

That means a shot of hard liquor like gin, whiskey, or vodka ( proof) will have about calories per ounce. An ounce of beer or wine, on the other hand, will have about 12 and 24 calories per ounce, respectively. By cutting back on binge drinking, you could inadvertently lose weight to achieve a lower body mass index without making any other changes to your lifestyle.

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